The International department of Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture has been created with the purpose to strengthen existing relations between foreign universities and Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, to establish new contacts for further development of international cooperation of the Academy.

Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture is a full member of the European University Association Magna Charta (EU), as well as a network of full member of the European University Association Magna Charta (EU), as well as a network of  Taillor’s universities (USA).

At the moment the Academy has continued to strengthen and expand ties with more than 40 foreign partners from different countries (Austria, Azerbaijan, Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Croatia and Moldova).

The most dynamically and productively ties are developing with the following universities and organizations:

  • The joint conference and festival-competitions “Degree Profession» were arranged with the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation (Italy);Ÿ
  • Together with Warminsko-Mazurski Technological University (Poland), Sofia University of architecture geodesy and construction (Bulgaria), University North (Croatia) are held student exchange program for traineeship and carrying out of scientific student conferences;
  • Together with London Metropolitan University (Great Britain) are held program design of industrial regions of Odessa and London;Ÿ
  • Together with Florence University (Italy) are held workshops for student of architecture field of study;
  • Together with University of Camerino (Italy) are held architecturally-artistical plain air   within the framework of cultural and educational programs;
  • Together with Ecole Nationale Superieure d, Architecture de Marseille (France), Varna Free University“Chernorizets Hrabar” (Bulgaria), and University North (Croatia) are held the programs of joint study and getting Master’s Degree Diploma of two countries;
  • According to the agreements of cooperation professors of academy during academic year, academic studies are carrying out in educational institutions of foreign partners such as in Ecole Nationale Superieure d, Architecture de Marseille (France), Warminsko-Mazurski University Olsztynie (Poland), and University North (Croatia).ъ

Annually at the premises of the Academy are held over 10 international scientific conferences, a number of major international events and exhibitions. The Academy regularly participates in international exhibitions abroad.

  • preparation and conclusion of agreements and contracts on cooperation of the Academy with  higher education institutionsand organizations of foreign states, the practical implementation of these agreements;
  • participation in the organization, carrying out multilateral and bilateral activities in accordance with the plans of international cooperation;
  • preparation and realization of international projects with extrabudgetary funding sources;
  • participation in international educational and scientific programs and funds;
  • organization and carrying out scientific and educational conferences, exhibitions, seminars and lectures on international issues, and others;
  • creating and maintaining a database of funds, grants, etc.;
  • the provision of advisory services for staff and students of the Academy related to the search for funding opportunities when going abroad for study and training;
  • formulation  of  traveling  abroad staff and students of the Academy.



International internships within the framework of the EU Erasmus + KA107

International internships within the framework of the EU Erasmus + KA107 program enable the employees of universities participating in the project to share their background in the field of education and science, jointly identify weak spots in training programs and find the best ways to solve them. The fruitful cooperation of the Odessa State Academy…


Cooperation with the University of Rijeka in the framework of the program of the European Union Erasmus +

In September 2017, the head of the international relations department of the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Moskalova Khrystyna  met  with the Erasmus coordinator of the Faculty of Civil Engineering  at the University of Rijeka ( ), prof. Silvija Mrakovčić. During the meeting, important issues were discussed regarding the cooperation of…


First impression about participation in the Erasmus+ program

Recently we have published an announcement about finding students for study in Croatia. Two students were chosen: Dovhulia Alina KPZB333 group and Chystiakov Artem KPZB 339 group. We publish a brief shortwrite, written by the students themselves, about their first impressions. “To take part in the program and to complete a course lasting 3.5 months…


Summer School in Poland

The Eastern XXVI Summer School of the University of Warsaw During the 1st to 21th of July , 2016 The Centre for Eastern Studies, Warsaw University conducts XXVI Eastern Summer School in Warsaw. The school is intended for young researchers, graduate students, research in the humanities from Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Tseyutyuntralnoy Asia and the Caucasus.…